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The Nationals Senator for New South Wales John Williams says the Coalition has shown the Labor-Greens Federal Government how to properly manage its spending and rebuild communities.

Senator Williams says the Coalition has identified $2 billion in savings measures that would negate the need for the flood tax that the Government wants to introduce to raise $1.8 billion.

Measures include partially deferring water buybacks in the Murray-Darling Basin, delaying funding under the Building the Education Revolution and deferring funding from the Australia Indonesia Education Partnership.

Senator Williams said these are tough decisions, but not nearly as tough as tens of thousands of Australians are doing it now from natural disasters.

“Deferring $448 million from the Australia Indonesia Education Partnership is the right move. While Australia must be a good world citizen and continue to support worthwhile overseas projects, this is a case of charity begins at home and our fellow Australians need it more.

Wasteful spending has come back to bite Labor.

“How they must be rueing the infamous Grocerywatch, Fuelwatch and similar botched programs that have cost tens of millions of taxpayers dollars.

Ironically had it not forged ahead with its now defunct home insulation program and subsequent clean-up of the mess, the $2.5 billion squandered would have easily covered the $1.8 billion tax with change left over.

With the luxury car tax, alcopops tax and coming soon a mining tax and carbon tax, the Gillard Government has shown it is addicted to taxes. The Coalition today has offered a cure”, Senator Williams said.

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